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Duys and Campfield

Certified Public Accountants

I love doing professional business photographs.

Executive portraiture and business head-shots are both a challenge and a joy.  It’s fun as a photographer/director to elicit the real character of the of executives and entrepreneurs while simultaneously allowing them to look their best in a professional photograph.

When you Google “executive portrait photographers” you’ll see lots of young hip faces. But those are mostly actors dressed up to look like business executives. Lets face it, there aren’t many 25 year old model-like executives.

So the job of the photographer is to refine and educe in a very subtle way, the persona that the executive wants to project.  And part of that task is understanding the nature your client.  The same posing idea used for a young bride might work once for an established professional, but not every time.

A good photographer is continuously aware of lighting and background — the mechanics of professional photography must serve as the foundation to every image.  But to make interesting pictures, the photographer must foresee and prompt expression. Find a good location within a location. Remember to think about angles.  And then allow you client to interact with you. The key to good directing is freedom within parameters.

And of course, the final key to good executive photography is in the touch-up.  Executives are not 25 years old, so learning subtle retouching techniques is vital.


Pamela Duys and Tamara Campfield were a blast to photograph.  Warm, personable and patient, Tamara and Pamela showed the same grace and professionalism during our photo-shoot as they do in their business.  Their CPA firm provides outstanding service to their clients because of their dedication to three underlying principles: Professionalism, Responsiveness and Quality.



Professional photography of business executives is sometimes done while the photographer is on his belly in a parking lot.


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