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Attorney Business Group Photography

Team Picture Photography for Wells Anderson and Race LLC.


Business executive group shot photography is always fun, and challenging.  The attorney team portrait photograph in Denver for Wells Anderson and Race was composed at 7:00am in the 1700 Broadway building.

Type in the keywords professional group photography or business team group photography or corporate group shot photography or other similar keyword phrases and you’ll see hundreds of pictures of 23 year old actors dressed as executives.  But in the real business world, firms aren’t composed solely of  handsome models and pretty actors the way they’re portrayed on TV drama shows.  A typical business group shot photograph some of the executives too old or too skinny, too tall, too petite, or just too plain to make it on the modeling set.  So the business photographer’s job is to maximize the positive attributes of each group member while creating a group picture composition that looks as real as the firm it represents.
Does it look like this attorney group shot needed a lot of retouching?  Well, it did.  And the crack retouching staff at DeCroce Photography (ie. Edward) did put in more than a few hours.  There were a few cars on the street, and flower pots that look more like trash cans that needed to be removed.  The background was too light and there were morning coffee drinkers and other gawkers who needed to be shooed away and removed.  A few wrinkles have been softened, chins have been reduced to the number of people in the photo, and hair has been air brushed.

Group photography shot on location in Denver office for Wells Anderson and Race LLC

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