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New Landing Page for deCroce Photography.Com

These are the landing page designs for deCroce Photography.  After months of planning, we’re excited to see Livebooks implement the changes.

Page one features the main deCroce website which is split into two parts.  There will be portfolios of people at work (corporate, commercial, editorial and fashion photography.)  And in a separate list of portfolios will be people at home (family, art and children portrait photographs.)

Page two will link back to the deCroce Blog of Photography (where you are now).  And the  third design will link to a new deCroce Photography website dedicated to wedding art photography.  Like the main site, the new wedding photography site is by Livebooks.  It will go live soon.

Editorial, corporate and commercial Photography landing page DeCroce

This link from the landing page will take the viewer to deCroce Photography the original Livebooks site.

Livebooks Landing Page deCroce Blog

From this design on the deCroce Photography landing page the viewer will link to this site (deCroce Blog of Photography.)

Love Landing Page Livebooks deCroce Wedding

This landing page design by Livebooks will link to a new deCroce Photography website by Livebooks called Colorado Wedding Art.



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