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For anyone who is looking to update their blog or create their own new blog  you might want to check out the folks who made mine possible.

ProPhoto, combines the art and science of web/blog design in an intuitive, easy to understand format.  And the video tutorials are as informative as they are fun to watch.  ProPhoto4 is easily the best website/blog with which I’ve ever had the opportunity to work.  From the outset, ProPhoto has been easy to use and has offered a multitude of design choices.  I love the gallery and grid options that allow my work to stand out.  And clients have been calling say how much they love my new site.  I’ve actually never had so much fun blogging.

I couldn’t be happier with ProPhoto…. Well I guess I could be happier if they sent me 300 new visitors a day eh?
Check it out!
Here’s the video tour.
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deCroce blog of photography
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